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Outpatient Therapy


Outpatient Therapy (OPT)

We approached this project carefully, as it was our very first undertaking of this scale. We studied our client’s business to create a focused and effective solution - and then watched it grow. We loved working with this client, and look forward to collaborating together on many more successful projects in the future.

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Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT)

L & G Support and Resources will provide assessments and a structured program to address individual problem behaviors. Clients may receive a variety of services, including therapy (individual, group and psycho-educational) and family counseling. Services provided are a combination of psychotherapeutic interventions combined with medication education and mental health treatment offered in programs of two or more hours per day with groups of children and adolescents up to the age of 18.

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Psychosocial Rehabilitation


L & G Support and Resources Corporation provides psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) services that are designed to meet the individuals' physical and emotional needs; provide protection, guidance and supervision; and meet the objectives of the individualized services plan.  Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) is a nonresidential program of two or more hours per day provided to adults/individuals in the community who require a reduction of impairments due to a mental illness and restoration to the best possible functional level in order to maintain community placement.

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