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Therapeutic Mentoring  /  Truancy Mentoring 



What does Mentoring mean to us here at L&G Support & Resource:

1. Keeping a Supportive Motive to our individuals 

2. Taking Heed in what you do (Responsibility & Accountability)

3. Provide C.A.R.E to our mentees:

C - Consistency 

A - Assistance

R - Reliability

E - Empathy

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As mentors, our purpose is to provide a structured, consistent, and a purposeful relationship to young individuals. Mentors of L&G look to assist young individuals with acceptance, support, encouragement, guidance, and concrete development to promote a healthy child along with student success.



  • L&G mentors looks to provide individuals with programs and activities that are designed to improve overall thinking of children and their perception of school. Mentors of L&G Support & Resources can assure great rapport built with individual’s instructor and legal guardian to provide individual with collaboration of multiple partnerships within the community.

  • We have broken our program into three different levels in order to provide a specialized level of service to our clients. They are Mentoring, Therapeutic Mentoring, and Truancy Mentoring. We believe in our ability to provide excellent service and work closely with each service coordinator to ensure satisfaction.

Programs: Projects

Mental Health Skill Building (MHSS)



  • Teaching housekeeping and organizational skills

  • Teaching laundry skills

  • Providing budgeting assistance

  • Providing education about good hygiene

  • Assisting with grocery shopping and meal planning

  • Finding ways to manage stress

  • Teaching medication management

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Services are provided by Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHP).

Through Assessment and Person Centered planning, Mental Health Skill-building Services support and promote self-determination, empowerment, recovery, resilience, health and the highest possible level of consumer participation in all aspects of community life including work, school, family and other meaningful relationships.

Mental Health Skill-Building Services are licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS).



  • Have a serious mental illness;

  • Have a history including psychiatric hospitalization, residential crisis stabilization, Intensive Community Treatment (ICT) or Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT), placement in a psychiatric residential facility or Temporary Detention Order

  • Have a prescription for anti-psychotic, mood stabilizing, or antidepressant medications within the 12 months prior to assessment.


What We Do

The main focus of Mental Health Skill Building  is to assist individuals with achieving and maintaining community stability through the teaching and reinforcement of independent living skills, identifying and using available resources in the community, assistance with medication management, and the monitoring of psychical health and nutrition. In addition, the program provides aid in locating educational services, economic services, vocational services, medical services, social services, and legal services.

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Crisis Stabilization

24/7 Support for Those Who Need it


Our crisis stabilization program provides 24/7 support to help stabilize an individual experiencing an emotional crisis. This service is voluntary and offered to individuals 18 years of age and older. The crisis stabilization program serves as an alternative to hospitalization and can also be utilized as a step-down from inpatient mental health facilities. This service can shorten a person’s length of stay in the hospital by providing a transition from inpatient treatment to community treatment. In addition, services can offer a respite from situational stressors or events. Treatment is aimed at restoring the ability of the residents to maintain safety while enhancing their recovery, so they can safely and successfully return to the community.

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Our program is under the direct supervision and direction of a licensed Psychiatrist.

Services provided in our crisis stabilization program include:

  • Assistance with daily living activities

  • Psychiatric assessments

  • Medication monitoring

  • Medication education and health promotion

  • Therapeutic treatment activities

  • Coordination and referrals with internal and external services

  • Social skills training

Individuals served in the crisis stabilization program will be provided with a thorough discharge plan once the program is complete and will be referred by our psychiatrist to an appropriate step down to ensure a successful transition for that individual back into the community.

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Intensive In-Home Services



  • Each family will have a QMHP-C that will provide professional services to the family.

  • QMHP-C will provide family with support and healing strategies.

  • QMHP-C will address the family dynamic and work with the family to increase positive interactions.

  • The family will receive OPT to help build a string foundation.

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Service Goals

  1. To preserve the integrity of the family.

  2. To prevent unnecessary out-of-home placements.

  3. To link the child and family with the appropriate community agencies and services.

  4. To create an ongoing community support system.

  5. To strengthen the family's coping skills and capacity to function effectively in the home and in the community.



  • They are experiencing emotional difficulties.

  • They are returning from placement.

  •  They are at serious risk of an out-of-home placement.

  • Home-based services are considered the necessary treatment strategy.


What We Do

The main focus of the home-based counseling services is to serve the mental health needs of the child. In addition, the program provides aid to the family in location education services.

In-Home Services provide integrated interventions to strengthen the family's capacity to function effectively.

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